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In this era of science and technology where everything is based on research and logic, it almost sounds unbelievable how our ancestors were able to uncover the hidden powers of nature in the form of Herbs. They didn’t have all the resources then, that we have now, but they knew how to cure any disease naturally.


This is really a good time when people have started looking back and trying to live organic. Though the word “Organic” has become a marketing gimmick, it’s a good sign that people are looking for more pure things. And science is playing a vital role in all the researches and evidence to promote the magical benefits of the Herbs. With Heal from Nature, my intent would be to share information about various herbs that can treat many diseases and provide you good health.

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It is important for humans to have all the essential nutrients to maintain good health. A balanced diet supplies all these sufficient nutrients to our body. In today’s lifestyle, it is hard to eat a balanced diet and a lot of people take one or more dietary supplements to ensure they get enough nutrients. But don’t you think instead of taking those capsules it is better to go with natural herbs which also have the same benefits but no side effects. 

miracle herb for blood pressure

Moringa is a medicinal plant native to the Indian subcontinent that has been used in traditional ayurvedic treatments for over a thousand years. The scientific name of the plant is Moringa Oleifera and is also known as drumstick tree, miracle tree, horseradish, ben oil tree, and the tree of life. Because of its numerous health benefits, this tree is now getting recognition all around the world and is considered a superfood.